For talented, dedicated, and serious Music students ages 9 – 18, DAMPA Conservatory offers world-class training from some of the most renowned instructors in the area and a wide array of performance opportunities to prepare for a possible professional career.

Students are selected by audition and application based on their professional potential, maturity level, and mental readiness to embark on the rigorous training required to turn passion into a profession.


The first step into the DAMPA Music Conservatory program is to audition on your instrument. We ask that you perform a song or musical piece that showcases all your best music abilities. Based on your audition, you will then be placed with the appropriate private instructor and recommended classes for your Conservatory track program. The music track program is 5-10 required hours of music classes and private instruction.

Private instruction is a requirement as a part of the music track in the Conservatory. Students in the Conservatory will have to take a minimum of 45 minute private lessons on their instrument. In the private lessons, students will learn to advance on their instrument and focus on music theory, sight reading and ear training subjects. Every 12 weeks their teacher will give a Musical Ladder Test to track progress in their lessons. Each test is designed to reach different levels of achievement, and the students will be rewarded with a certificate!

Along with private instruction, you can choose to take additional music classes and workshops that will be recommended by the Conservatory coordinator. We encourage our Conservatory students to join music ensemble classes so they can get experience playing music in a group setting with their conservatory peers.

There will be performance opportunities for Conservatory students. Mandatory participation in the DAMPA recital is part of the music program track. Students may also participate in open mic night events, which will add credit to their Conservatory program track.

At the end of the semester students will have gained more skills on their instrument, confidence, and be well prepared for future performances and auditions.