Piano Private Lessons are offered at all levels and ages 6+

Online or On-Site!

Learning to play the piano develops confidence, coordination, and concentration. DAMPA Piano Lessons involve all aspects of music education, including music theory, music history, improvisation, musicianship skills, keyboard technique, and performance skills. We offer a well-rounded curriculum that includes classical music as well as jazz and pop. Our goal is to equip our students with skills and knowledge that will enable them to enjoy music for a lifetime.

Performing Arts & Special Events

DAMPA sponsors several events each year to encourage students to set goals, practice, and celebrate their accomplishments. Solo recitals are held twice a year in December and May. Our
annual Ensemble Recital utilizes the latest digital equipment, allowing ensembles the option to sound like “keyboard orchestras” or traditional acoustic pianos. The Ensemble Recital also
provides our students with valuable experience in playing in harmony with others. At our annual Achievement Auditions, students perform three memorized pieces for a visiting adjudicator: a
Baroque piece, a Sonatina or Sonata movement, and a choice piece. Our unique Keyboard Olympics exams are held each spring to test technical skills, ear-training, and sight-reading. Our
students can enter as many of these events according to their interests and availability.
Our students also have options to participate in multiple activities each year sponsored by the DAMPA Teachers Association. These annual, citywide events include the
Sonatina/Sonata/Baroque Festival, the Dallas Piano Solo Competition, the TMTA State Theory Exam, DMTA Achievement Auditions, and the Jazz/Pop Contest and Festival. All of our teachers
are active members of DMTA, serving as committee members and event chairmen.

Music Development Program Examinations

DAMPA also serves as the Dallas examination center for The Music Development Program examinations. Designed and directed by the Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada, these examinations offer a rigorous, graded curriculum for dedicated piano students. This optional, highly-rewarding program provides our students with significant mile markers of accomplishment.

Practice & Parental Support

Sufficient and proper practice is necessary to ensure progress. Most children require parental guidance in organizing their time to accomplish the goals set during lessons. We believe in the importance of the triangle: student, parent, and teacher — all working together. All students are different, and it is our belief that all children can learn to play piano with the proper guidance and support. Developing a love of music in addition to making music is our ultimate goal.

Enrollments / Inquiries

We offer private piano lessons weekly, lasting 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Weekly or bi-weekly theory/performance classes are also available. DAMPA is located in the heart of Dallas at Snider Plaza in University Park, 3415 Milton Avenue, Dallas TX 75205. Lessons are held at our location, via Zoom, or In-Home, and scheduled at your convenience. Call us at (833) 281-2690 to get started today!

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