Alexandra Lexie Pritchard


Lexie was raised in St. Clairsville, Ohio. An early love of performing landed her in intense voice, piano, and performance training for a total of 14 years. In high school, this combination led to her being highly involved in the admired musical theater program for 4 years at her high school, while also making a name for herself as an artist all over her community. Lexie’s experiences have led her across the world, from a two-week vocal performance tour of the United Kingdom, to Los Angeles to open for Grammy Award-winning Pentatonix at the inaugural summer of A Cappella Academy, and then to living in LA for a summer internship at Copeland Entertainment…To collegiate musical roles, and acting as the director of the musical theater department of a touring performance company tour! And finally, completing her degree in May of 2018 at Ohio University as a Music Production & Recording Industry major. At Ohio University, she acted as Music Director for the all-female a cappella group The Tempo Tantrums for two years, while also working on and producing her own music! These experiences and the connections grown from it have prepared her for her future in music, promoting her personal mantra and goal of “spreading the light of music”. Her goals include making an inclusive, hands on teaching environment that makes students feel challenged and enriched, but mostly talented and passionate about the work they are doing! Her love for music has motivated her to showcase how music can light up the world and she is so excited to share her insight and talent with the passionate people of DAMPA!


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