Guitar Private Lessons

Offered at All Levels Ages 6+ On-site & Online

On-site or Online! All guitar styles, all places!

The guitar is a very versatile instrument. There are several styles that can be played: classical guitar, finger-style, acoustic flatpicking, electric rock, pop, country, and jazz. All of these styles are taught here at DAMPA, on electric and/or acoustic guitar. Like the piano, one can play chords for vocal or instrumental accompaniment. Melodies can also be played, both single notes and chord melodies. One advantage to playing guitar is portability. You can take a guitar with you, almost anywhere you go!

Guitar provides lifelong fun & good musical foundations

All of the elements of music theory can be learned through guitar — note reading, scales, chord theory, keys, tonality, and rhythm. Plus, the guitar is a lot of fun to play, whether alone or with other musicians. It is a source of enjoyment for a lifetime. You can start as young as four or five years old or as an adult. You can learn a little — a few chords to strum along with your favorite songs — or become an accomplished player. The choice is yours!

Practice & Parental Support

Sufficient and proper practice is necessary to ensure progress. Most children require parental guidance in organizing their time to accomplish the goals set during lessons. We believe in the importance of the triangle: student, parent, and teacher — all working together. All students are different, and it is our belief that all children can learn to play guitar with the proper guidance and support. Developing a love of music in addition to making music is our ultimate goal.

Enrollment / Inquiries

To take the first step, call us at 833-281-2690 to discuss lesson options. Both private and group lessons are available. We are located in the heart of Dallas, at Snider Plaza in University Park.


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