Stephen Goodson


Stephen Goodson is a Dallas-born multi-instrumentalist, producer, and educator.  After completing studies at the University of North Texas Jazz Studies Program in 2005, Stephen joined rock outfit “Nelo,” touring the USA for and securing a spot at Austin City Limits 2009, as well as numerous SXSW and CMJ appearances. Since 2012, Stephen has taught students age 4 to 94 with a passion to not only further the craft but to actualize his students’ musical vision. 
In addition to honing his craft on both electric and acoustic guitar, Stephen writes, produces, and plays drums for his original band “Ruff Wizard,” an indie-rock nod to Steely Dan and other yacht-rock favorites.   He is also proficient on keyboards, ukulele, bass guitar, and mixing/mastering/post-production.

       Stephen also composes Commercial/Catalogue music for numerous music supervisors and publishers, earning royalties in 20 countries through radio, TV, film, and many online placements. 

       Additionally, as a voting member of the Recording Academy (Texas Grammy Chapter), Stephen has an influential voice in the music industry, advocating for musicians’ rights with annual visits to the House of Representatives. 

In short, Stephen is an impassioned musician with many gifts, and seeks to improve the lives of others through his craft. 


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