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Popularity of Flute

The flute is the third most popular instrument to study in the United States. A wind instrument with a sweet sound, the flute is loved worldwide for its enchantingly expressive capabilities. Students will benefit from developing breath control and increased mental focus through the study of fun and varied music on the flute. At DAMPA, two general tracks of study are provided based on age and interest.

FIFE: Youngest Students

For students 4-7 years old, the Yamaha plastic fife is the instrument of choice. It is held and blown in the same way as the silver flute, but is smaller, lighter, and far less expensive. The fife looks like a large piccolo, but instead of keys, it simply has small holes to cover. This makes it a great instrument for young students to advance in skill, in preparation for the transition to silver flute. Liz Goodwin’s Fife Book provides the musical pieces studied in lessons. The pieces are presented in a progressive format, divided into small and manageable segments. Instruction is provided with the Suzuki-based approach to teaching materials, and students advancing to silver flute graduate from the fife into Suzuki Flute Book I.

FLUTE: Older Students

For students ages 7 years or older, the silver flute is the instrument of choice. Through a variety of technical studies including scales, arpeggios, and etudes, the student attains the skills needed to explore over 300 years of repertoire available for the flute, including the intricate Baroque period, elegant Classical, passionate Romantic, and fascinating contemporary periods.

Recorder Option

A third flute option at DAMPA is to study the recorder. The recorder is held vertically, like a clarinet, and most sizes of recorders have no keys, only holes. Although recorder has become common in the public school classroom only in recent decades, it has a wealth of repertoire spanning over 500 years. During the 18th century, it was one of the most popular solo instruments in Western Europe. There are several different sizes of recorder, including soprano, alto, and tenor. Younger students usually begin with the descant, or soprano, recorder, which is small enough for children, and has a bright, cheerful sound.

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