Drum Private Lessons

On-site or Online!

Learning to play the drums develops a great understanding of rhythm, coordination, and concentration. DAMPA Drum Lessons involve all aspects of music education, including music theory, music history, improvisation, musicianship skills, proper drumming technique, and performance skills. We offer a well-rounded curriculum that includes classical percussion theory technique and repertoire as well as modern drumset techniques! Our goal is to equip our students with skills and knowledge that will enable them to enjoy music for a lifetime.

A GREAT First Instrument

Did you know that all western culture instruments read the same rhythms that drumms grow to have such a deep understanding of! By beginning with the drums, you are focusing on a key element that makes up 50% of all other instruments! This makes for a seamless transition later in life to any other instrument!

Get a Head Start

Middle school and high school bands are a wonderful experience for students! Get a head start and have your child study with the best drum teachers in Dallas so they can walk in confident and prepared for their first audition.

Worried About The Noise?

To begin, our instructors can take your student very far with just a simple drum pad and sticks at home. There are also great electronic options for drum sets that can be played with headphones, so you, and your neighbors can rest easy while your child practices!

Practice & Parental Support

Sufficient and proper practice is necessary to ensure progress. Most children require parental guidance in organizing their time to accomplish the goals set during lessons. We believe in the importance of the triangle: student, parent, and teacher — all working together. All students are different, and it is our belief that all children can learn to play the drums with the proper guidance and support. Developing a love of music in addition to making music is our ultimate goal.

Enrollment / Inquiries

To take the first step, call us at 833-281-2690 to discuss lesson options. Both private and group lessons are available. We are located in the heart of Dallas, at Snider Plaza in University Park.


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