Richard Oliver


At the tender young age of nine, Richard knew he had a passion for music and the performing arts. He grew up in a musical family and spent much of his time developing as a young musician in plays and musicals until he found his voice in high school, when he began to train intensely as a vocalist. He went on to study Opera at the College-Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati, where he received his BFA, and performed in various operas, oratorios, and opera choruses for CCM and the Cincinnati Opera. After graduating, Richard switched gears and pursued his passion for contemporary music as the lead singer of a pop/neo-R&B band in Minneapolis. As a singer/songwriter, he has years of experience in the recording arts and music production. While in the Twin Cities, he also worked as a voice and piano teacher, and he worked as an assistant musical director for local theaters and school districts. His credits include works ranging from High School Musical to Verdi’s Requiem. As an artist, Richard loves to blend his classical and contemporary backgrounds in order to inform his art. With five years of experience as a teacher, he applies the same unique blend to his methods in order to provide a well-rounded and engaging experience for his students, instilling them with confidence and competence as young musicians.

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