For talented, dedicated, and serious acting students ages 9 – 18, DAMPA Conservatory offers world class training from some of the most renowned instructors in the area and a wide array of performance opportunities to prepare actors for a possible professional career on stage or in front of the camera.

Students are selected by audition and application based on their professional potential, maturity level, and mental readiness to embark on the rigorous training required to turn passion into profession in the extremely competitive world of acting.


Acting students must train 10 hours per week.

  • Acting  (2 hours per week)

  • Improv for the Actor (1 hour per week)

  • Commercial TV/Film Acting (1 hour per week)

  • Scene Study (1 hour per week)

  • Shakespeare (1 hour per week)

  • Voice-over and Narration  (1 hour per week)

  • How to Audition (1 hour per week)

  • College Audition Prep (1 hour per week)

  • Master Classes (2 per year)

  • 2 school performances per calendar year

Electives totaling 2 hours per week. May include additional acting classes or privates, however students are strongly encouraged to add a dance for the stage or tap dancing, as well as vocal training, sight singing, or a musical instrument to their repertoire.


  • Students will be excused for professional dance/theatre or mandatory school commitments (with prior Department Director approval).

  • Students must not miss more than three (3) classes per semester.

  • Students will receive an assessment at the end of each semester.