2021 Winter Recital Information

Dear DAMPA Families!

We are SO excited for the DAMPA Winter Recital 2021 coming up this Sunday, December 12th at Four Day Weekend Theater!

Doors: 11:30am

Block one: 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Block two: 2:30pm – 4:30pm

We had an amazing 80 students sign up to perform, and we couldn’t be prouder! 

Above is the order of students to perform with an anticipated / estimated time slot.


Please arrive 15 min before your time block begins, and if possible, stay through your “block” to help support our student body!

There is on-site parking, if there is not enough there are lots across the street that can be used. 

The recital does line up with the last day of the Dallas Marathon so traffic may be worse than normal so please plan accordingly. 

No tickets are required when coming in the building, seating is “first come first serve”. When walking into and around the building we kindly request that you wear a mask. When seated you may remove it. Students on stage do not need to wear a mask.

Students before they perform will be sitting in a designated student section with staff helping guide them on stage. There will be a hand sanitizing station that should be used by students when walking on and off stage to maintain a clean performing environment. When they finish performing they are welcome to go sit with your family or return to the student section until the end of their block.

If your student needs sheet music to perform please bring the sheet music with you as we will not be able to print music at the event. 

If you do need to come and go from the recital please wait until the current student has finished performing.

If when you arrive you do not see your students name on the program, or have any other questions or concerns we will be monitoring our text line 214.965.8324.

We are greatly looking forward to this event and sharing these special moments with our amazing DAMPA students, families, teachers, and staff!



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