Get ready to take the stage by storm!

Join other friendly, excited and music-loving kids in a full band, with room for vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass and drums. Choose, rehearse, and arrange songs under the guidance of an expert instructor, and work as a team toward multiple performances on stage. Bands rehearse for one hour, once a week, starting Saturday, August 27th. Rock Band Coordinator and Band Instructor, Aurora Wiley will help place you in a band with people of similar ability and taste.

$110 per month

Some beginner students may need a weekly, 30 minute private lesson in addition to the class. A weekly 30 minute private is $150 per month.


Every Saturday,
2:30-3:30PM class is for 10-13yrs
3:30-4:30PM class is for 13-17yrs
*will start on Saturday, August 27

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