We believe that a successful learning experience is the result of all parties working together, including the school directors, instructors, students, parents (if applicable), and of course, our students. At DAMPA, our job is to equip students with the skills necessary to enjoy and perform music. In addition to planning and presenting a well-rounded curriculum, we encourage and motivate our students to achieve their best. Since all of our teachers are dedicated to life-long learning, each instructor continues to study, practice, and participate in professional music activities.

Students are expected to regularly attend lessons. A positive student attitude is an important element of progress and is instilled in each instructor. Sufficient and proper practice serve to ensure progress, and our teachers provide targeted practice goals and assignments for each student.

For students with parent involvement, the most important job of each parent is to encourage the student in the study of music. This encouragement includes: scheduling the student’s day to allow sufficient time for practice; bringing and picking up the child promptly for lesson time; showing pride in demonstrated progress; taking time to listen to the child perform at home; and participating in enjoyable and enriching DAMPA activities.