Acappella Master Class (DAMPA-Namics)

Do you love Pitch Perfect, Pentatonix, or The Sing Off? Are you fascinated by harmony vocals, beatboxing, or making music with no instruments? Do you want to further your understanding of how music works and strengthen your ear? Come check out the new Acappella Class with Lexie Pritchard! Lexie has trained personally with Pentatonix and various members of the SoCal Vocals, The Nor’easters, and other trailblazers in the acappella sphere. She also served as music director/choreographer of her collegiate acappella group and is excited to share her experiences with young music lovers!

Over the span of this fall course, students will strengthen their musicality through ear training, studying performances of the best of the best, masterclass calls with acappella icons, developing a setlist of multi-part arrangements of popular songs, and singing these arrangements alongside choreography for the community! Other studied topics include beatboxing, arranging, and modern performance techniques.

We will treat this class as its own functioning acappella group, giving it a name and developing its own setlist. This is a great way for students to hone in on their memorization technique and understand how to work within a group. By the end of the semester, we should have a full setlist ready to perform in the community.

If you’re ready to take your musicality to the next level, acappella is the best way to do it! You will be challenged in new ways and develop irreplaceable skills needed to stand out in this popular new wave of the music industry!


Alexandra (Lexie) Pritchard

September 9th – December 20th

Wednesdays 4:30pm – 5:30pm

$400 / Semester

*All semester courses are non-refundable.