Pop Vocal Performance Group Class
Teacher: Paul Davis
Meets on Saturdays 12:00pm – 2:00pm 
February 12th – May 28th (16 week course)
Cost: $650 per semester or monthly payment plans at $180 per month available! 

Enhance your artistic development and poly-harmonic vocal songwriting ability in our Pop vocals group class, led by the wonderful, Paul Davis! As an incredibly versatile musician, Paul has worked with prominent film and music producers for shows such as “The Voice” and performed in many of the biggest stages and stadiums of the world across a wide variety of genres.

Paul will focus on developing a group sound for the class in multiple facets. The class will begin with a fun-filled group learning experience of well-known pop songs. Through these songs, Paul will instruct pop-vocal techniques such as four-point harmony, sound blending, and mic technique. The group will then work together on writing an exciting original song that they will get to perform at various points throughout the semester!  

To sign up using the payment plan option, please call us at 833-281-2690.

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