Napoleon Martin


Napoleon Martin is an instrumentalist with experience, development and a deep desire to continue an active musical career. Napoleon acquired his experience as a result of training under some amazing instructors that include high school band directors and college professors as well as top professional musicians, such as Alvin Batiste, Dr. Huel Perkins and Dr. Timm, an L.S.U. flute instructor.
Napoleon received a Bachelor of Arts College Degree in Instrumental Music, specializing in Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone from Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA. He also completed continuing education courses under Dr. Alvin Batiste that were so complete that he is still growing as of today from the experiences. The courses were given in such a manner that he is continuing to discover more musical qualities. His teaching career has included four schools of elementary and high school levels, private instructions at a music store as well as home instructions.
His strengths as a woodwind instructor lie with his ability to solve musical problems that aid students in their successful endeavors in the performance arena. Under his guidance, woodwind students have received thorough instructions on the technical mechanics involved in the execution of their instrument and developed skills needed to advance their playing ability.
A very rewarding experience for Napoleon was his time spent working for the East Baton Rouge Arts Council of which his job was visiting a large number of elementary and middle schools giving musical informances (approximately 4 years). The informances included introducing the students to basic music principles such as time, meter, melody, rhythm, and harmony. Students were physically involved in all aspects of the experiences which included form and time and musical selections. He played woodwind instruments to demonstrate how a musician functions in the musical environment. These demonstrations were highly informative to students as well as valuable knowledge acquired by them.
His continued study under Dr. Batiste led to a successful performance at the Mobile Alabama College Jazz Band Festival that represented a regional competition. This competition led to his national participation in a jazz band competition at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.
Napoleon’s musical career includes small band performances in Baton Rouge LA, New Orleans LA and the entire Gulf Coast towns and cities. He has played at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival numerous times. He has also played on many occasions for tourists of the many southern historical establishments that still exist today. Having personal musical conversations with the likes of Joe Henderson, Wayne Shorter, David Newman and Harold Land, all well-known top tenor saxophone players has given him invaluable knowledge to aid in his personal advances in music. This knowledge has also aided his concepts, personal performances, and training of students on all levels of musical development.

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