Music Therapy Institute at DAMPA

At the Music Therapy Institute of Dallas, Music Therapy is offered:

  • ON-SITE: At Dallas Academy of Music and Performing Arts, 3415 Milton Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75205
  • OUTREACH: At schools, rehabilitation centers, centers for the aging, hospitals, hospice care facilities, etc.

What is Music Therapy?

Music Therapy is the use of music to achieve non-musical goals. It is the intentional and compassionate use of music by a board certified music therapist to bring about change and enhance quality of life. It is both the techniques and the therapeutic relationship that create healing and transform the lives of individuals with physical, emotional, cognitive, communicative, interpersonal, and/or spiritual needs. It is an evidence-based practice where music therapists design custom music experiences to help address specific goals. Live or recorded music may be used, and clients do not have to be trained musicians to participate in music therapy.

What is a Music Therapist?

Music Therapists hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher in music therapy from an American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) approved program and have at minimum the entry level credential, MT-BC to ethically practice as a music therapist. The curriculum includes coursework in music, music therapy, biology, psychology, social and behavioral sciences, and general studies. Clinical skills are developed through 1200 hours of required fieldwork, including an internship in healthcare and/or education facilities. These experiences allow students to learn how to assess the needs of clients, develop and implement treatment plans, and evaluate and document clinical changes.  Once the music therapy degree is earned and internship is completed, the student is eligible to sit for a board certification exam to earn the entry level credential, MT-BC, (music therapist, board certified) from the credentialing body, the Certification Board for Music Therapists.

Meet our Music Therapist