The Pre-Professional Program is designed for aspiring professional dancers who are looking for high level, intensive ballet training. Our professionally trained and experienced ballet instructors provide a wealth of experience for our students. The knowledge and expertise students gain while training in our pre-professional program will help them reach their professional goals and open many opportunities in the ballet and dance worlds.

  • The Year Round Program starts on AUG 20, 2018
  • Ages 13 and above. Exceptions made based on talent and maturity of student.
  • Participation requires in-person audition and approval by our Artistic Director, Robyn Keller.
  • Maximum class allocation 18 students.

Dance Class Schedule: MON to FRI 10am-12 noon.
Dress code: Black Leotards, Pink Tights, Optional Skirts.
Tuition: $1500 (per Semester)
Tuition includes integrated pilates, weekly group piano and master classes with guest artists. Dancers are invited to attend additional Conservatory classes in acting, singing, improv and musical theatre at no additional cost.

iUniversity Prep Academics + Pre-Professional Program

  • Academics available Mon-Thur 12:30pm – 4pm
  • Available to students looking to get their academic education and dance training all in one location!
  • One on One coaching from Academic Director, Laura Wright
  • Flexible scheduling

Tuition: $2500 (per semester)

Semi-Weekly Tuition Options: 
3 Days – $900 / Semester
4 Days – $1,125 / Semester

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Home Schooling Support

  • Available every day of the week!
  • Study room with desks & WIFI available for school studies.
  • Tutor & Supervisor available for students staying at studio all day (Individual arrangements)

Tuition varies, please contact school for more information

Optional classes available upon request and recommendation.

What Sets us Apart?

    1. DAMPA’ Pre-Professional Ballet Day Program is the only 5 day a week program in the area. Students can train every day of the week with top instructors, getting the maximum amount of training possible!
    2. Elite instruction from highly trained professionals that will prepare your student for a professional career in ballet.
    3. Full Academics and home school support for students looking for more flexible academic schedules.
    4. LIVE PIANO ACCOMPANIST! Students have the opportunity to train with live music in our DAMPA ballet studio. This is critical for dancers to improve musicality.
    5. In addition to a rigorous ballet training program, students will also study 1 hour of group piano weekly to improve musicality as well as integrated pilates classes and participate in guest artist master classes.

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