Taught Online!

By offering private intro-to-dance lessons online we are now able to accommodate your schedule to make studying dance with a DAMPA
instructor more convenient than ever! All you will need is an internet connected device with a camera and you are good to go!

Who should take these lessons?

Dance techniques are at the foundation of all the arts, and for the first time DAMPA is offering intro to dance private lessons to all of our
students! Play an instrument or sing? Study Musical Theatre? Act for T.V. and Film? Learn how developing your own mind-body connection
through this fun and dynamic class can grow your own artistry! If you are just starting your dance studies, and don’t know which style you want to focus on, this is a great lesson structure to begin with! With one-on-one personalized curriculum, our instructors will help show you the technique.


These private lessons focuses on developing a solid and practical foundation of mind-body connection techniques that can be applied to any
style of dance or art forms moving forward! Having a sound understanding of dance techniques such as posture, proper body alignment, and
mental focus directly translates to a multitude of applications in other art forms!

How to sign up?

Call us at 833-281-2690 to answer a few questions and get placed into the perfect private lesson!


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