One of the things that makes DAMPA awesome is our passion and commitment to helping others in our community. Check out just a few of the ways DAMPA and the love of music have helped!

Early Childhood Development

By now, you know what we say – Music Makes You Smarter! But did you know that music ignites all areas of child development and helps little ones develop the skills needed for school readiness? Another cool thing – it is NEVER too early to start. DAMPA offers classes beginning at 0 months – that’s right, even brand new babies benefit from music! Here are some of the ways music helps our little students:

  • Accelerated brain development – especially in language acquisition and skills for early reading.
  • Building motor skills – dancing isn’t just fun! It also helps children build muscle and develop coordination.
  • Practicing self expression – another way besides tantrums for toddlers to tell you how they feel. Parents who start their children in early childhood music classes report less frequent tantrums. Sign us up!
  • Increased hand eye coordination – which helps with writing skills.
  • Developing memorization skills.
  • Building self – confidence.

Music Therapy

DAMPA is extremely proud of our incredible Music Therapy Program. We have worked with students suffering from traumatic brain injuries, Autism, behavioral and emotional disorders, limited mobility, physical impairments, and those of advanced age. We have seen these students achieve and even surpass their goals – and we are beyond thrilled to be a part of helping them reach their milestones. DAMPA’s Music Therapy Program has helped students by:

  • Developing an avenue of expression for those who find it difficult to express with words.
  • Facilitating movement.
  • Increasing motivation to become engaged in their treatment.
  • Providing an outlet of expression for feelings when words, movements, and facial expression may fail.
  • Improving cognitive function.
  • Improving/developing social skills.