Hip Hop Dance Private Lessons

Taught Online!

By offering private dance lessons online we are now able to accommodate your schedule to make studying Hip Hop Dance with a DAMPA
instructor more convenient than ever! All you will need is an internet connected device with a camera and you are good to go! 

What is Contemporary Dance?

Our Hip Hop private dance lessons are offered at all levels and styles depending on your experience and goals! Work one on one with our
awesome staff members and learn how you can start or continue dancing with style, proper technique, and longevity! 


Our private lessons focuses on developing a solid and practical foundation that can be applied to any style of dance moving forward! With a
strong repitore of dance techniques and routines from hip hop, R&B, and pop music videos, our private lessons teach you concepts from real
world examples. We strive to create a high energy, patient, and fun filled environment where our students from all the artistic backgrounds can
learn the fundamentals of hip hop dance and how to apply them to their own ambitions!

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