Gilbert Glenn


Gilbert is a passionate and thoughtful musician who enjoys music from Debussy to Megadeth. He has been playing several musical instruments for 12 years and started with the euphonium in his middle school band. He developed a passion for the guitar because of the many different genres and styles of music that the instrument can achieve. While attending the University of North Texas, he studied choral conducting, elementary music, classical guitar, jazz guitar, and piano. He graduated from the university in 2017 with a bachelor’s’ degree in music education and is starting his career in music teaching and performance. His biggest passion is exploring several types of music with guitar including: rock, pop, metal, classical, jazz, soul, rap, bluegrass, and electronic music. His philosophy in teaching is to focus on educating students in their field of study, improve work ethic, incorporate music theory with improvisation, and provide his students with a comfortable area where they can explore any style of music and harvest a passion in what they play most.

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