Contemporary Group Classes

Due to COVID-19 we will only be offering Group Dance classes online for the safety of our students and staff.

What is Contemporary Dance?

Contemporary Dance techniques, while originally based on techniques and theory from classical, modern, and jazz styles, has come to incorporate all the styles of dance!


These group classes focus on developing strong and controlled legwork, contact-release concepts, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation! With changes in the rhythm, speed, and direction often used in this style, as well as non-western dance culture ideas, this is a perfect private lesson for
those who have some dance experience under their belt and are looking to approach the art in a new way! Work in a fun group environment with our awesome staff members and learn how you can start or continue tapping with style, proper technique, and longevity!


How to sign up?

Call us at 833-281-2690 to answer a few questions and get placed into the perfect private lesson!

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