Broadway Dance Group Classes

Due to COVID-19, we exclusively offer Group Dance classes online
for the safety of our students and staff.

Who should take Broadway Dance Group Classes?

At DAMPA we specialize in training the next generation of musical theatre talent. This is a great step in becoming a true “triple threat”! Study the art of broadway dance performance, musicality, and how to bring your own self to your work! If you are a vocalist, actor, or dancer, the skills that you
will learn with Broadway dance will show you how to combine all three and give you an edge over the competition when it comes to audition time. By studying with a group you are able to learn from one another and get valuable performance experience with each class! 


With an emphasis on fundamental broadway dance technique, applications, and repertoire we give our students the confidence to do their best at each and every audition! In addition, we connect the dots with technique focused warmups centered around ballet, core, and proper placement, we give
our students the foundational tools to develop their own musicality and style!

Across-the-floor combinations focus on developing the technical elements of broadway dance, while an emphasis on using our body for story telling allows our students to build a vocabulary that can be used to translate the essence of each and every scene they perform.

How to sign up?

Call us at 833-281-2690 to answer a few questions and get placed into the perfect private lesson!

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