This class aims to immerse students in specific skills for choosing actions, creating characters, and crafting realistic behavior on stage. We will study practical exercises . Each day will have a different focus: memorization techniques, character biographies, text analysis, playable actions, vocal and physical characterization, emotional association techniques, and everything you need to bring life and “reality” to whatever you perform. Become the kind of actor that is known for having craft and be on your way to working with the technical specificity and mindset of a craftsman.

Note: This is an annual class and will continue on into the Spring Semester. Billing for the Spring Semester will be automatically processed on or before January 8th, 2018. By registering online for this class, you acknowledge and agree to these terms.

18+ years old

CJ Critt

August 24th- December 7th (Thursdays)


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$445 / Semester