Acting for TV & Film Group Class
• Teacher: Jeff Swearingen 
• Tuesdays 5:15pm – 6:15pm
• Ages 8-12
• $140 per month
OR CALL 833-281-2690 TO JOIN

Acting for TV & Film group class gives our students upper level, hands-on experience working in front of the camera to enhance their acting skills. The purposes of this class are self-discovery, craft building, and further growth as an actor. This class is intended for self-motivated students who are ready to dedicate time to rehearse, and those committed to both working on their craft and deepening their skill set. 

Each student will be introduced to new principles and proven techniques in areas of scene study, preparation, auditioning, and script analysis. Students will also be given thorough guidance on what to expect if they wish to become a working professional in the entertainment industry.

The core focus for students will be formulating their own repeatable process and working methodology, with influences from multiple acting approaches and traditional techniques used in Television and Film.

If you have any questions about this class, please call us at 833-281-2690.


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