We’ve all heard of tap dancing, and probably witnessed it at a dance recital or other performance at some point. Making music with your feet through dynamic movements is fun for the dancers and entertaining for those watching, but beyond being a super fun past time, tapping also carries unique health benefits, both physical and mental for tap dancers of any age group.

DAMPA is excited to offer a brand new tap dance program and a new tap company. Here are some reasons we are encouraging our current students (and students that hope to enroll in DAMPA) to add tap dance to their repertoire.

  1. Tap Dancing is FUN fitness.
    Tap Dancing builds leg strength, increased flexibility in the lower body, AND is a fantastic aerobic exercise. Tap Dancers who practice three times per week see an immense cardiovascular benefit.
  2. Tap Dancing Improves Balance.
    Tapping requires a lot of weight shifting. This improves balance, coordination,and core control….which means better posture, less back pain, and less of a chance of serious injury from tripping or falling.
  3. Tap Dancing is Noisy.
    It doesn’t matter your age, being noisy feels good! It’s also an amazing emotional release. Using Tap Dancing as an outlet for expression is incredible for improving emotional health and building self confidence.
  4. Tap Dancing Makes You Smarter.
    Here at DAMPA, we KNOW Music Makes You Smarter, and we say it all the time. Guess what? Tap Dancing does too! Tap steps are complex and often very detailed. Learning tap steps and practicing is great exercise for your brain. Studies show that dancing (including Tap!) may help prevent Alzheimers and Dementia long term.
  5. Tap Dancing Helps You Become a Better Musician.
    Tap Dancing is the music AND the main attraction. When you learn to tap dance, you become a better musician and dancer. Tapping helps you tap (HA!) into your inner rhythm and improves your sense of finding the beat and patterns within music.

With such incredible benefits, physical, mental, and emotional it is easy to see why DAMPA has decided to increase the focus and emphasis that we put on Tap Dancing. We have recently joined forces with the Queen of Tap, Katelyn Harris and her Rhythmic Souls tap group in order to expand our tap and dance offerings to those who may be interested.

In order to learn more about tap and other awesome opportunities at DAMPA, please visit our website www.dallasacademyofmusic.com, email us at makemusic@dallasacademyofmusic.com or give us a call at 214-965-8324.