Brett LandrumGuitar

    Brett Landrum is a graduate of the theology department at John Brown University. He has played guitar for over ten years with several different musical groups. His musical influences are Eric Johnson, David Gilmore, and Nickel Creek, and he enjoys playing bluegrass and classic rock. He is available to teach steel string acoustic or electric guitar for children and adults. He can assist in the purchase and maintenance of an instrument or pedal. Outside of guitar, he has a love of books, coffee, and his dog.


    With an educational background in adolescent development, Brett’s goal in teaching is creating lifelong guitarists. All students are encouraged in lessons to read standard notation and tablature, learn and write songs, and understand ear training and improvisation. The best tools for continued mastery of the instrument are skillful practice and attention to technique. Stringed instruments also require the student to understand all the working parts in order to maintain or even modify the instrument. The joy of the guitar is how portable and multifaceted it is, making it ideal for songs that involve a community and an audience. Brett knows how fun it is to play a piece that is difficult for the satisfaction of the performer, but also how valuable it is to play songs for the enjoyment of those around us. A lifelong guitarist will use the instrument to both ends.

    We are happy to have Brett on our staff at DAMPA! Brett works with both children and adults.